The Shape of a Mother The Shape of a Mother The Shape of a Mother The Shape of a Mother The Shape of a Mother

Uneven Breasts (Whitney)

Whitney emailed this to me via SOAM a couple of weeks ago, not knowing about TIAW. I asked her if she’d like me to post it here and she agreed. Posts like this are exactly what TIAW is for.

PCOS & Positivity (Sarah)

I posted a few years ago on TSOAM about my struggle with PCOS and infertility and being overweight as a newlywed. When you get married that’s the question on everyone’s lips… “When are you two gonna have a baby?”. I got so tired of giving phony baloney answers like “Oh, we aren’t ready” or “We’re […]

On Building a Better Body (Tina Planta)

For as long as I can remember, the media has been selling a perspective to me. The perspective the media sells says I’m flawed. I need to look better. I need to be thinner. I need to hide my imperfections. I need to pretend they don’t exist. I need to pretend I’m something else: maybe […]

A Struggle Every Day (Heather)

Tubby. Fatty. Butterball. Elephant. Fatass. Jelly rolls. These are the names I’ve been taunted with. These are the titles I associated myself with rather than smart, funny, good friend, good listener, kind, and supportive. I was miserable. I felt undesirable as a friend, a girlfriend, and a future wife. Why would anyone want a fat […]

Inside and Out (DLH)

I am 20 years old. I am a size 8-10 (UK), 5’1”, and weigh around 9 stone (I used to be 8 and half), and have 30DD breasts and wide hips and a small waist. I’m a student at Oxford University and live in a small flat with my wonderful fiancé. I play the saxophone […]

Every Scar (Anonymous)

I suppose I must look pretty happy on the outside, I mean, that is what I’m going for. I smile and laugh and joke way too much, hoping that no one will see through it. At nineteen, I’m young, but I’ve been through a lot. I’ve struggled for years with body image and to this […]

Why Me? (Anonymous)

I am 24 years old… I have 3 wonderful sons (ages 6, 2, and 8 months), each a very bright light in my life. I suffer from fibromyalgia… and now, possibly MS. I am constantly going for more tests. This is my story, and my heartbreak… Why? Why did this happen to me? Why did […]

Skinny and Struggling (Skinny J)

I am 33 years old. I have had 3 kids, all boys. They are now 6.5yrs, 2.5yrs, and 10 months old. I have been skinny all my life and made fun of for it. When I was in my early 20’s I enjoyed my body. I was a dancer, but I had nice boobs, and […]

She Thinks I am Beautiful (Holly)

I’ve posted on SOAM before about my body and how birthing my daughter had affected my self esteem and body image. I’d like to write a little bit about some realizations I have had since then about my health issues and how I feel as a woman. I have been ‘sick’ for most of my […]

I Am Who I Am (Shanen)

30 years old Growing up I was overweight but had very muscular legs.  I remember weighing 180lbs at 5ft 4in in 9th grade.  I was ok with my body but sometimes wished i weighed less.  I made myself a promise that i would not have sex until i felt good about my body.  I didnt […]

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