The Shape of a Mother The Shape of a Mother The Shape of a Mother The Shape of a Mother The Shape of a Mother

Beautiful Today (Kasey)

Today I realized something. I was sitting at home with nothing to do and was looking through some pictures I took about seven months ago. All I could think was how beautiful my body looked. I was one hundred and ten pounds when the photos were taken. At one hundred and ten pounds I could […]

Using Words, I Make It So. (Karen Radcliff)

I was brushing my hair one morning when my son came in to the bathroom. He hugged me around the waist, then lifted my shirt and poked my belly. “Why do you have a big belly and not a small belly like my friend’s mama?” I love questions from my son. I was prepared for […]

A Woman’s Roar (Violet)

As most women, the story that belongs to the identity of my body, goes back to before the awareness of its importance: I remember being a young girl and listening to others comments about my legs, or butt, or how shapely I was, and thinking, “I wonder what the big deal is? It’s just a […]

155 Pounds and Counting… (Momma Bird)

Here I go, I’m jumping in. I’m a tad nervous. This is me. 31 years living full & happy. Losing someone very dear. Gaining 2 beautiful kids. Stressed over money and medical woes. This is me. Not quite accepting myself… Yet enjoying life. My body will never be my friend. Not exactly a temple either… […]

Advice to those who are struggling with their body image (Kayla)

I was talking to a friend of mine from high school recently and I said this to her about her weight loss journey and how I wish she could see herself. After I finished typing it out and sent it to her, I realized that so many other young girls/people in general could need to […]

My Hormones Are a Trapeze Artist. I’m a Bearded Lady. (Holly)

When I was nine years old, my body began to change. I grew breast buds. I found hair on my yoni. I started to grow taller than I had ever been. And I began to get fat. I felt like that girl from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I was scared. In the course of […]

No Longer Anonymous (Terressa)

I posted on SOAM about two months ago. A lot has changed since my last post, and when I heard SOAM had a sister website I had to post an entry! Again I’d like to thank all of the women on SOAM and TIAW, you’ve all made me realize that no one should ever be […]

Note to Self (Lolo)

I created a blog months ago, with the intention of writing in letter form and beginning with a letter to myself, but I found it really hard to open up and get started, but the creation of This is a Woman and a few other things have inspired me. Here’s what I came up with. […]

This is Me (Bryana)

Age: 23 When I was 17, I thought I was a woman. I had the breasts, the curves, the “maturity”. Then I fell pregnant. I thought my body would fall apart. I wanted my “woman’s” body forever. But now, I look at myself with pride, I am now a woman. My husband Loves my body. […]

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