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Advice to those who are struggling with their body image (Kayla)

April 29, 2011

I was talking to a friend of mine from high school recently and I said this to her about her weight loss journey and how I wish she could see herself. After I finished typing it out and sent it to her, I realized that so many other young girls/people in general could need to hear this too. So here it goes…

(insert your name here), you ARE a beautiful, hardworking, loving, friendly, patient, understanding, exceptional young woman. You have and always will be worthy of love and whoever finally does get the amazing opportunity to spend the rest of their life with you and takes it will be one of the luckiest men alive. YOU ARE PERFECT. You are a work of art that can never be duplicated exactly to perfection the way you already are. There is no one exactly like you…and those of us that have the blessed chance of knowing you are forever lucky. Never forget who you are on the inside is more than you could ever see on the outside.

Kayla has an entry up at SOAM, too.

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