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Getting Americans Back to Work

November 7, 2011

Please excuse the sort-of break in issues that relate purely to women growing and learning about self-love. BlogHer and Starbucks are currently promoting an initiative that works toward giving grants to small businesses, with the goal not only to stimulate the economy but to get those who have lost jobs back to work by creating employment. Honestly, this does effect women directly, and indirectly their capacity and ability to learn to love themselves wholly, so it’s not entirely unrelated to the aims and ideals of TIAW. But in any case, I love the idea of this program. Building American anew from the ground up. Awesome.

You can read more here, and listen to a call Lisa Stone of BlogHer had last week with the CEO of Starbucks. And take a moment and donate $5 (or more, if you can) to this program. A $5 donation will earn you the bracelet I am modeling for you in the picture above. This program gives me a lot of hope for the small business of America, and for all those who rely on them.

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