The Shape of a Mother The Shape of a Mother The Shape of a Mother The Shape of a Mother The Shape of a Mother

The Legitimate Weekly Awesome 8.21

Source: via Bonnie on Pinterest . So this week some bafflingly ignorant guy claimed that women very rarely actually get pregnant from being raped because, “if it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” This guy obvs did a science there. Or the other thing. […]


Today many websites are going black in protest of two bills currently before Congress. To protect our free access to information, I ask that you take a moment to go to Google and sign your name to this. You can also go to Wikipedia, which has shut down nearly all of its informational pages(give it […]

Getting Americans Back to Work

Please excuse the sort-of break in issues that relate purely to women growing and learning about self-love. BlogHer and Starbucks are currently promoting an initiative that works toward giving grants to small businesses, with the goal not only to stimulate the economy but to get those who have lost jobs back to work by creating […]

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