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Changes Ahead

On July 5, 2006 I started The Shape of a┬áThis is a Woman opened in 2011. A year that turned out to be my worst one ever. Like. Seriously bad. So I had to focus on Life and all it entailed rather than promoting and supporting TIAW the way it needed me to. I […]

I Tumbl now. Tumblng is cool.

I’m really old you guys. I mean. Not really. But I’m obviously too old for the internet. It took me like four years to learn to use Facebook (no lie). Recently it’s been Tumblr that’s been my online nemesis. So my friend Bethany sat me down yesterday and – I swear I am not making […]

Vote Like Your Lady Parts Depend Upon It

Source: via Bonnie on Pinterest . I am a pretty passionate person, and if you know me in my regular personal life (not just as my superhero identity) then you’ll know my political views. Because I say them. Loudly and often. I have made a point to not do that over at SOAM and […]

The Legitimate Weekly Awesome 8.21

Source: via Bonnie on Pinterest . So this week some bafflingly ignorant guy claimed that women very rarely actually get pregnant from being raped because, “if it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” This guy obvs did a science there. Or the other thing. […]

The Weekly Awesome – The Extra Slutty Version

Source: via Bonnie on Pinterest . This week’s Awesome is extra slutty because, apparently, women are sluts now. Women who need birth control for any of a hundred reasons that don’t even have to do with the number of sexual partners they might have. And you know what? Even if they have sex with […]


Today many websites are going black in protest of two bills currently before Congress. To protect our free access to information, I ask that you take a moment to go to Google and sign your name to this. You can also go to Wikipedia, which has shut down nearly all of its informational pages(give it […]

Getting Americans Back to Work

Please excuse the sort-of break in issues that relate purely to women growing and learning about self-love. BlogHer and Starbucks are currently promoting an initiative that works toward giving grants to small businesses, with the goal not only to stimulate the economy but to get those who have lost jobs back to work by creating […]

New Fun Internet Toy!

I’m slowly starting to get back in the saddle. Things got dark there for awhile and I was barely able to do the minimum required to live let alone finding time/energy to work. But thanks to some herbs and pokes from my acupuncturist, I’m feeling much better and, I think, maybe ready to slowly start […]

Life is Short

I have to apologize for my lack of activity here and at SOAM, we learned last week that my mother passed away. My mother spent the better part of her 61 years here on Earth hating herself. She could not see the beauty within her, and when she became overweight what little self-worth she felt […]

Contest Winner!

And the winner is… Deborah! Comment number 20. I’m sending you an email now, please make sure you respond by midnight on Wednesday or I’ll pick another winner. Thanks, everyone, for participating!

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