The Shape of a Mother The Shape of a Mother The Shape of a Mother The Shape of a Mother The Shape of a Mother

Wait Watchers: Mayyyybe there’s a better way to discuss this?

So this thing started going around Tumblr last week (I can say that because I totally Tumbl now. How cool am I?). It’s a series of self portraits taken by a woman, Haley Morris-Cafiero, in public with the intent to collect reactions to her appearance. She is overweight and pretty, but seems otherwise unremarkable. In […]

I Tumbl now. Tumblng is cool.

I’m really old you guys. I mean. Not really. But I’m obviously too old for the internet. It took me like four years to learn to use Facebook (no lie). Recently it’s been Tumblr that’s been my online nemesis. So my friend Bethany sat me down yesterday and – I swear I am not making […]

Awesome Stuff I Found Online This Week and Wanted to Share

Source: via Bonnie on Pinterest   I find so much awesome stuff on the web every week – much of it gets shared on Facebook and/or Twitter, but I thought it might be a good idea to collect the things I find each week and share them with you all in one place (don’t […]

Beautiful or Emaciated?

Source: via Bonnie on Pinterest [Rosario] Dawson who appears on the August cover discussed industry-wide pressures to maintain an ideal body type.  After losing weight to play a drug addict dying of HIV/AIDS in the 2005 film “Rent,” she was stunned to hear compliments about her  figure. “I remember everyone asking what did you […]

Throwing Caution to the Wind

Do you know who Matt is? As in Where the Hell is Matt? I first came across his videos several years ago and I LOVED them. To see the world in the way that he has, all the while sporting a really goofy dance, is both inspirational and silly. Which is my favorite combination of […]

That’s vaginal! And so are you!

I came across this video on The Unnecesarean’s Facebook page today. Jill is one of my favorite people on the planet. For the work she does and for her sense of humor. So I wanted to pass this on because not only is it hilarious, but it’s also absolutely serious – we DO need to […]


That’s what I weigh. I read this last night and loved it. I think we tend to think too much of numbers in this society. They can be useful, sure, but they should – at least in some cases – be taken with a grain of salt. And the idea that we, as women, keep […]

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