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Weekly Awesome 6.21

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This Week’s Awesome

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Weekly Awesome 5.29

~TIAW on Tumblr and Pinterest. ~How to get a bikini body. ~Brenda Chapman, the writer who created Pixar’s Merida, weighs in on the Merida-makeover topic and begs up to not stop now. ~Making the female “power-paunch” happen. ~Beautiful photographs of women of all sizes. ~Who I want to be when I grow old. ~Elizabeth Smart […]

Weekly Awesome 5.22

Sorry for going AWOL last week. There were a lot of reasons including: depression, depression about Mother’s Day, depression probably cause my by uterus, my son’s birthday, a trip to a theme park, stupid heat, a trip to said theme park DURING stupid heat, my daughter’s head cold, attempting to survive the week in general, […]

Weekly Awesome 5.8

~TIAW on Pinterest and Tumblr. ~A review I wrote over at SOAM about the new documentary Birth Story which is about Ina May Gaskin and the midwives of the Farm. ~I shared this comic on Tumblr, but there’s more to the story over at Epbot. ~Dooce writes about Mental Health Awareness Month. I remember a […]

Weekly Awesome 5.1

(I don’t necessarily think ALL men need to be eaten. But I will, by default, reblog anything Jurassic Park ever.) ~TIAW on Tumblr and Pinterest. ~Where Louis CK gets me to want to marry him. (There is NOTHING hotter than a man who GETS it.) ~This is my new favorite website. Cervices! All the cervices! […]

Weekly Awesome 4.17

I saw this today when I was out running errands. That’s my kind of graffiti. (Of course, I also like it when they put “HAMMERTIME” on stop signs. That is also my kind of graffiti.) Sometimes I think I live in this bubble of people who are more aware than the general public of the […]

Weekly Awesome 4.10

~Stuff I pinned at my TIAW board. ~TIAW on Tumblr. ~You know who’s perfect? She is. And so are you. Really. Also, I’m all emotional. Can you pass the kleenex? Before I go on, I want to say that I am a little bit broken this week. I learned of something that happened to a […]

Weekly Awesome 4.3

Source: Uploaded by user via Bonnie on Pinterest . ~Stuff I pinned at my TIAW board. ~TIAW on Tumblr. ~Buzzfeed list of overweight people in advertising across the globe. Not exactly positive. ~Interesting when the tables are turned: Jon Hamm doesn’t want us talking about his penis for some reason. (And by “the tables” I […]

Weekly Awesome 3.27

Source: via Bonnie on Pinterest . ~Stuff I pinned at my TIAW board. ~TIAW on Tumblr. ~Women are people, too. As it turns out. ~It’s super easy to not rape drunk girls. As it turns out. ~Being skinny doesn’t magically grant happiness. As it turns out. ~Being conventionally pretty doesn’t necessarily mean your life […]

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