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Weekly Awesome 5.29

May 29, 2013

~TIAW on Tumblr and Pinterest.
~How to get a bikini body.
~Brenda Chapman, the writer who created Pixar’s Merida, weighs in on the Merida-makeover topic and begs up to not stop now.
~Making the female “power-paunch” happen.
~Beautiful photographs of women of all sizes.
~Who I want to be when I grow old.
~Elizabeth Smart on LDS teachings and how they related to her kidnapping. And, yes, the church has come forward to say that their teachings on rape and incest are different than their teachings on consensual sex outside of marriage, but Elizabeth Smart obviously didn’t get that memo. I have to wonder how many other girls aren’t understanding the distinction?
~ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT IS BACK! WOOHOO! Here’s a post about the female characters from a feminist perspective.
~Gender stereotyping isn’t cool. Didn’t we figure this out like 40 years ago already?

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One Response to “Weekly Awesome 5.29”

  1. Mina Says:
    May 30th, 2013 at 11:12 am

    Those comments from Elizabeth Smart are pretty chilling. I hate to blame only the Mormon church for that…the kind of analogies (the chewed stick of gum, for example) she described are hardly trademarked by any one religion or culture. My personal feeling is that there is WAY too much focus on sexual behavior for women and how it relates to “what others will think of you”, and not nearly enough focus on deciding how to behave sexually to feel good about yourself and own your own choices.

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