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The Weekly Awesome: Halloween Edition 10.24.12

October 24, 2012


This is going to be an issue every year from now on, isn’t it? The too-soon-sexualization of our little girls, the over-sexualization of women, and the any-at-all-sexualization of Muppets. You know. Just your every day feminist fight.

~Stuff I pinned at my TIAW and Wisdom boards.
~The Bloggess found a “body bag” costume for women who want to rock that sexy dead-on-a-slab-at-the-morgue look. What do you mean that’s not a look? BTW, I totally used those quotes appropriately.
~This one has a lot to giggle at, but the idea that they sell a sexy Ursula (you know, the Sea Witch?) costume, but don’t sell it in plus-size, just made my brain explode. Also included? Racism!
~I posted this one a few weeks ago, but it really belongs here. Star Trek costumes for men have plus sizes available. But for women? You best not be anything over a medium. MEDIUM. Makes me stabby.
~Gender rules for Halloween costumes. Are we seriously STILL not over this?
~And this one, I’m pretty sure I shared last year, but it’s worth sharing again.

~Let’s end this Awesome with something EXTRA Awesome. This isn’t exactly Halloween-related, but this girl dresses up each day as a different historical figure. WHAT. YES. When I grow up, I want to be this little kid. She is awesome for all these reasons:
1. She dresses up as both male and female characters.
2. She throws current tweeny culture to the wind with her educational interests. Practically a Ravenclaw already.
3. Cosplay. EVERY DAY.
4. The variety. Lordy the variety. From Hellen Keller to her best friend. Fan.tas.tic.

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