The Shape of a Mother The Shape of a Mother The Shape of a Mother The Shape of a Mother The Shape of a Mother

On Building a Better Body (Tina Planta)

For as long as I can remember, the media has been selling a perspective to me. The perspective the media sells says I’m flawed. I need to look better. I need to be thinner. I need to hide my imperfections. I need to pretend they don’t exist. I need to pretend I’m something else: maybe […]

Beautiful Today (Kasey)

Today I realized something. I was sitting at home with nothing to do and was looking through some pictures I took about seven months ago. All I could think was how beautiful my body looked. I was one hundred and ten pounds when the photos were taken. At one hundred and ten pounds I could […]

A Woman’s Roar (Violet)

As most women, the story that belongs to the identity of my body, goes back to before the awareness of its importance: I remember being a young girl and listening to others comments about my legs, or butt, or how shapely I was, and thinking, “I wonder what the big deal is? It’s just a […]

Advice to those who are struggling with their body image (Kayla)

I was talking to a friend of mine from high school recently and I said this to her about her weight loss journey and how I wish she could see herself. After I finished typing it out and sent it to her, I realized that so many other young girls/people in general could need to […]

Note to Self (Lolo)

I created a blog months ago, with the intention of writing in letter form and beginning with a letter to myself, but I found it really hard to open up and get started, but the creation of This is a Woman and a few other things have inspired me. Here’s what I came up with. […]

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