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Weekly Awesome

September 21, 2011

~Stuff I pinned for you at my TIAW board. (Beautiful)
~Here’s another board I keep that you might be interested in: Wisdom. (Soul-Feeding)
~A year without dieting. Could you do it? Have you already? (Interesting)
~See past what it seems to see a soul. (Vitally important)
~Wisdom. And an invitation to go meander pantsless while eating chocolate. Which is also wisdom. (Wise – though I guess I kind of mentioned that already)
~It’s World Peace Day, here are some suggestions to help spread the peace. (Lovely)
~Another post in honor of World Peace Day – this time seeking peace within yourself. (Beautiful)
~More about Nancy Upton. Quote –>“My immediate reaction to them was to be a bit scared . . . if I hadn’t told people I was going to do it, I might have chickened out.” Now she’s so glad that she posted them. “Since I put those up and had the response I had and it started a dialogue — I don’t think I’ve ever felt so comfortable with my body. It really has been kind of a powerful thing.” <– Secrets are powerful enough to drag you down with them. Exposing yourself is so, so healing. (Inspiring)

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