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Weekly Awesome 9.27

September 28, 2012


~Stuff I pinned at my TIAW and Wisdom boards.

ITEM OF THE WEEK. Balpreet is a Sikh woman who believes her body is sacred and that she should not alter it in any way. Including her facial hair. Someone took a picture of her and posted it online with a snarky comment and she schooled him (her?). And that was awesome all by itself. Honestly, the story could have ended there and I’d have a new hero. BUT THEN! The person who posted her picture stepped up and apologized. You guys? Sometimes the world is a wonderful place. So now I have two new heroes.

~Photoshopping is usually used to make women skinnier. Not in this case.
~Gender discrimination in Star Trek Halloween costumes? *sigh*
~Birth control for men may be on the horizon.
~While I happen to believe a traditional diet is quite healthy, I’m not posting this here for dietary reasons. I’m sharing this because reason #6 is applicable to this site and its mission. It says skim milk won’t actually help you lose weight or maintain weight loss. So kids get shamed for being fat, forced to drink less nutritious food that will, um, possibly KEEP them fat, and then shamed for not losing weight. Something is very wrong here.

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