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Weekly Awesome 8.29

August 29, 2012


Holy crap I can’t believe it’s almost September already.

Anyway. You should check out these links:

~Stuff I pinned at my TIAW and Wisdom boards.
~Interesting post showing how photos of Prince Charles have been manipulated to make him look taller than he is. It’s interesting not because it happens, but because it puts into clear view this strange idea we have that men must be taller than women. I get it. I like taller guys as a general rule. Maybe it’s because it makes us feel protected to be with someone larger than we are. In any case, it’s something to be aware of and perhaps something to start changing our opinions on.
~Because focused on the issue of “legitimate rape” last week, I didn’t get to share this last bit of Olympics drama. Is Leisel Jones, Olympic swimmer, fat? The article ends with this question, “Does she need to lose weight to be a competitive swimmer, or is she fine the way she is?” Um. She IS a competitive swimmer so not only is the question irrelevant, but she was good enough to make it to the Olympics so I think that everyone who’s not an Olympian can just STFU. Because, obviously, she’s fine the way she is.
~Hillary Clinton once again kicks ass. I love this woman.
~Miley Cyrus cut her hair and the internet freaked the hell out. I believe that sudden and dramatic changes to hair like that can be linked to/caused by/etc personal or spiritual growth. It doesn’t surprise me that the world sees a sign of growth in a woman and labels her crazy. *sigh* Go, Miley!
~This one is kind of old (in internet years, I mean – it was published, like, weeks ago). Awhile back there was, apparently, a thread on Reddit wherein a serial rapist talked about why he raped women. I didn’t follow it closely (because nausea) but I guess other rapists jumped in and added their POV’s. Here’s a Feministing article about it.
~“Project Runway” and the Designer Who Looked Even Worse than His Clothes.
~Let’s end on a funny. 12 hilarious reviews of a pen designed for women. I love you, Interwebz, never change.

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