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Weekly Awesome 7.25

July 25, 2012

Source: via Bonnie on Pinterest


~Stuff I pinned at my TIAW and Wisdom boards.
~One little girl’s thoughts on why women are awesome.
~I love The Bloggess.
~Teenager Julia Bluhm took on Seventeen Magazine and won. The magazine promises to do an issue with non-retouched images of normal-sized women. I love the youth of today.
~A fabulous post from Hello Giggles about Thinspo/Pro-Ana philosophies and how they are changing our world.
~”A pretty girl next door can have a vagina too, and sometimes things come out of it.” <--Best line from this article about how one feminine product company had the balls (what? ovaries are shaped like balls, too) to say “vagina” on television.
~All this buzz over 50 Shades of Grey has me sick to my stomach about the impending death of feminism in our culture. Here’s a hilarious review you need to read and share.
~Rita Arens (my former co-worker in BlogHer’s Own Your Beauty) wrote this awesome article in response to Land’s End’s “math is hard” snafu.
~Remember the Calming Manatee? Here’s a Loving Lion we all need to keep in our lives.
~Last week, in the aftermath of Comic Con, Simon Pegg got into a Twitter war over some comments he made about female cosplayers. He made this response. I agree with some of what he said, and think he misses the mark on other points. (Although I do feel he’s honestly trying to understand.) Either way, it’s a good read with food for thought. If we keep the lines of communication open at some point we will begin to understand each other.
~Nobody asks to be raped. Ever. <-- Awesome PSA from Scotland.
~On how to Be Less Crazy about Weight.
~Naked, plus-sized beauty protests at Berlin’s Fashion Week.

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