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Weekly Awesome 6.27

June 27, 2012


~Stuff I pinned on my TIAW & Wisdom boards.
~Six things no one will ever say to a man.
~Girls Who Code – a program designed to get more women into tech fields. AWESOME.
~Women still do more housework than men. Naomi Wolf went into this a little in The Beauty Myth. No matter how much we work, there is always more work and less pay for us. This is not ok.
~Victoria’s Secret Does Not Love My Body <--This article tends towards calling curvy girls "real" women and you and I know that's not true, of course. If you identify as a woman, you're a real woman in my book. That aside, there's a lot of good stuff in there, too. Stuff that should make you furious. And anger gives us the strength to enact change. ~I've been haunting this cool site cataloging literary tattoos and this one struck me as good TIAW stuff. Beautiful.
~Turns out Big Brother is going to come from corporations, not government. Of course, it’s really hard to tell the difference between the two these days. In this case, Facebook is trying to erase Fat Acceptance in favor of dieting.

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