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Weekly Awesome 3.6

March 6, 2013


~Stuff I pinned at my TIAW and Wisdom boards.
~”What is the most important thing you hope is taken away from a talk or appearance that you make?” “One more person will let go of their unnecessary sexual guilt about enjoying masturbation.” <--From a cool interview with Betty Dodson.
~This goes along with a lot of what the HAES movement is about. Where most of society expects one result from everyone (specifically I am referring to the idea that eating healthy and exercising alone will be enough to make everyone a healthy weight), this is an example of promoting healthy ideas to everyone, including those who can’t participate. People who need elevators cannot participate in a campaign to use the stairs instead. And you know what? I hate stairs. (I hate them slightly less now that my kids are old enough not to fall down entire flights of them, but I still hate them.) I’d rather get my exercise in any of a million other ways. And yet I always – always – feel guilty when I take the elevator in the Whole Foods parking lot. I feel like everyone know I’m killing Mother Earth as I’m killing myself. *sigh*
~A Hollywood trainer publicly shames former Disney child stars. You know, as horrible as the title of the article is – and as horrible as the beginning of it is – I have to say his apology impresses me. I have tried having this conversation with people before who refuse to concede that judging someone based on body size is wrong. They either keep harping on the same points, or they simply drop out of the conversation. If more people were open to listening to others, how much better could this world be? Here’s hoping this guy uses this information to change who he is even just a little bit.
~I sometimes scroll through Rebecca’s blog because holy heck she’s cute and I wish she’d buy all my clothes and tell me what to wear every morning. Here’s a list she’s put together of a bunch of size 24+ fashion bloggers. For those who wear larger sizes and need fashion inspiration, this is the jackpot.
~Rachel Dratch, Martha Plimpton, Amy Sohn, Elna Baker and Junot Diaz do a reader’s theatre version of Deenie. DEENIE, you guys. DEENIE. You’re welcome.

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