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Weekly Awesome 11.2

November 2, 2011

Source: via Bonnie on Pinterest

– Who needs anti-aging ads anyway?

It’s been weeks since I’ve done one of these. Here’s what happened: As you know, my mom died in July. We spent the next three months cleaning up her home (yes, it was that bad, think Hoarders). When we were almost but not quite done, I called a realtor to list the home for sale thinking it’s a slow market and we’d have time to finish up. Two days later we had an offer on the home and the guy wanted to move in in two weeks. So. I canceled everything else and spent every moment preparing for an estate sale, holding the sale, calling the thrift store to pick up what was left, driving 300+ records around town trying to find a buyer, hiring cleaners and carpet cleaners and bringing yet more things home to live with me. Naturally, the sale of the home fell through. So if anyone is looking to buy a low-priced mobile home in a senior park that’s quite lovely, actually, let me know! Long story longer, I think I might be ready to live my life normally again very soon. KNOCK WOOD. Here’s your weekly awesome:

~If you only read and share one thing today, make it this post on the history and accuracy of the BMI.
~Stuff I pinned on my TIAW, and Wisdom boards.
~Reese Witherspoon makes good girls cool again. (Thanks, Bethany!)
~Why photoshopping gone wrong is a GOOD thing.
~Go leave some notes today.
~You probably saw some birth-related pumpkins going around Facebook, but did you see all of them? This achieves a level of awesome/disturbing I have never witnessed before.

And with that – have a good week!

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One Response to “Weekly Awesome 11.2”

  1. Colleen Says:
    November 2nd, 2011 at 11:37 am

    Back in May my in-laws put their house on the market, hoping it would sell in about two months–and it sold in three days. They closed like a month later, but their new house won’t be ready until March. I’m sorry your sale fell through but at least it’s all ready now?

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