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Weekly Awesome 10.17

October 17, 2012


~Stuff I pinned at my TIAW and Wisdom boards.
~The Mom Stays in the Picture. <--YES SHE DOES. I have so very few pictures of my mom when I was growing up. I always regretted that. No matter how crappy I might look one day, I make a point to not say no to pictures. Someday my kids, or my friends, or anyone, will want to remember me as I am right now. ~The F-Word. <--Grab some tissues first. ~This is one of the most twisted and hilarious and disturbing things I’ve seen online. I’m posing it here because it’s a good example of photoshopping. And because funny.
~I don’t really know how to handle this headline: Tyra Banks Bravely Tweets a Photo of her ‘Muffin Top’. On the one hand, it doesn’t look like anything at all to me except a woman’s soft body. I see no muffin top. In that case, I kinda abhor the use of the word “bravely”. On the other hand, if what women are currently striving for is to look thinner than that, it really would be brave. In which case: Go Tyra! Despite the fact that my job revolves around body image, I’m still out of touch with what mainstream women are wanting.
~I was lucky enough to spend my teen years in the 90’s when grunge was big and alternative lifestyles were respected and even revered by my peers (this may be partly due to the fact that my school had a creative and performing arts magnet so we attracted the weird and the open-minded). I was allowed to be myself, no matter how strange it might have seemed to the rest of society. I can relate to having an interest in death. So I LOVE that this woman is out there telling kids (and adults) that it’s totally normal. Even necessary for some of us – otherwise who else would take care of our loved ones when they die? I think our society has an unnatural fear of death, and I think that’s why we shun anyone for being interested in it. And that’s why I think this belongs here in the Weekly Awesome. Because it’s about loving who we are, no matter what society says.
~You know what else society tells you not to do? Take time for yourself. My friend Bex wrote this article about her so-called flaws (they’re totes not flaws, IMO).
~”Boys will be boys“? How about “Boys can learn to be respectful”?

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One Response to “Weekly Awesome 10.17”

  1. Karla Says:
    October 17th, 2012 at 1:43 pm

    The mom stays in the picture article was awesome! it made me tear up. I have never thought about it that way. I wont be able to refuse now to take a picture with my kids! What a beautiful story, thanks for pointing it out!

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