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Weekly Awesome, Part Two

February 23, 2012


Today is so far SO MUCH BETTER than yesterday. Which is strange. Since it’s Thursday. But that’s OK. I’m gonna take it. I hope you all are having much less stabby days, too. And if not, just remember: Thursday doesn’t last forever.

~Don’t Carpe Diem. This is my new favorite post and I think I need to make myself read it daily until I have the whole thing memorized. It’s written by a mom about her parenting, but honestly, it’s stuff all os us can benefit from. Life is hard. It’s short, but we need to respect and honor the shit parts of it by not carpe-ing every single moment. Carpe a couple of kronoses every day instead. (Also related: Madeleine L’Engle wrote often about chronos/kairos so this article was a shoe in for me before I even started reading it.)
~Since when is “clitoris” an offensive word?
~I think this is such a fantastic idea. Making a bald Barbie to broaden beauty ideals. It’s intended specifically for kids who must undergo chemotherapy, but really, couldn’t we all benefit from it?
~Levi’s jeans now come in sizes small, small and small! /sarcasm.
~My awesome friend Jill (of The Unnecesarean) just launched a new website about cesarean rates in the US. Here’s an interview she did with She’s so full of awesome, I want you to go forth and spread the word.

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One Response to “Weekly Awesome, Part Two”

  1. Vijith Says:
    March 5th, 2012 at 10:09 am

    I had an emergency c-section & tried vtnialaly to go pain med free despite being induced ( I had gestational diabetes) 23 hours I lay awake in agony , throwing up from pain only to end up w/ a c-section . I felt like a failure just like Georgia did. I mourned the loss of the birth that I’d dreamed of, & planned so painstakingly! I remember when the Dr. told me that her cord was around her neck & they had to operate just crying & yelling BUT I TRIED SO HARD!! I didn’t know that I wouldn’t be able to hold my baby for an hour afterward & that tore me up waiting alone in the recovery room w/o my sweet baby. They only held her up to my face for a moment & then whisked her away for reasons that I still don’t understand .she was perfectly fine, but of course they had to put her in a warmer instead of letting my husband hold her w/ his more than willing arms..That still bothers me. I didn’t get up for a day ..I just layed in my hospital bed w/ the catheter they so kindly inserted mid-contraction still in I was just too tired & sore but, when I did get up it was hard. It did make me feel better afterward though so I was glad that I’d finally mustered up the courage ..There’s so much that they don’t tell you about the fact that you won’t be able to drive for 6 weeks or lift your baby in their car aren’t supposed to go up & down stairs..I just never knew..& even though I may not have listened b/c i thought that I was going to have a natural birth I wish that someone would have told me If I have another one I’ll be prepared & darn it I’ll be holding my baby !ps. I still get pains in my incision area from time to time but it’s pretty numb too..I do wonder if they use the same cut the 2nd time or if there will be another numb stripe on my stomach ?[]

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