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Brand Spankin’ New Disclaimer!

I’ve been meaning to write this up for a long time because I find myself having to repeat myself so often about this. People assume that if I post something related to finding beauty in overweight women that I must be supporting poor health. And I am NOT. I am so, so, so very NOT. […]

Bikini Season

One of the comments I hear repeatedly on SOAM is the desire to be able to wear a bikini. Women feel ashamed if they “can’t” and proud if they do despite stretch marks or loose skin (as well they should be in the current climate of body image). I am having a hard time wrapping […]

A Body-Positive Playlist

Music is so important. It can heal and inspire. It lifts up and brings joy. Body image and self-love are such a major issue these days that it seems to be a recurring theme in music. I thought it would be really powerful if we collaborated and came up with a list to recommend for […]

Fantastic Article Featuring TIAW & SOAM

Ariel Hansen left me a link on Facebook today about this article she wrote about TIAW and SOAM.  It’s a great article in its entirety, and I especially wanted to share my favorite part. Nearly 20 years ago, Marcia Beaver of Burley had a double mastectomy, with reconstructive surgery, to fight off breast cancer. “I […]

Things n’ Stuff

1. Forgive the lack of updates.  Between Today Show Madness (which, by the way, if you hadn’t been following that on SOAM, was canceled *sigh*) and General Life Madness I have hardly had a moment to spare to work on stuff for this blog, either in promoting it or in writing down all the good […]

Glee – Born This Way

I’m behind on my Glee-watching and sat down on Sunday to catch up. I love this show more all the time. It’s got it’s hokey parts, and it’s unbelievable moments and it’s awkward bits, but the character development is getting better and better and better. They started out with these caricatures, and, rather like the […]

Giveaway Results

Here is a list of the entrants, in the order in which they were received. 1. Cassie 2. L 3. Bryana 4. Elvira 5. Lolo 6. Terressa 7. Holly 8. Catharcy 9. Tracy De Luca 10. Kayla 11. Momma Bird 12. Ashley 13. Sara C 14. Michelle 15. Violet 16. Keri Walker 17. Laura Surber […]

Giveaway Extended!

So I was planning to sit down today and draw a winner, but then I was pulled away into two other projects (one related to SOAM, stay tuned for that!) and didn’t have time. (It doesn’t help that it’s about 600 degrees with a humidity level well below zero; I’m moving so slowly.) And tomorrow […]

On the Sexualization of our Daughters and Ourselves

My friend Mina sent me this article just now and I found it so alarming and unsettling I wanted to share it right away. It’s about girls rather than women but I didn’t want to post it just at SOAM since it’s really something that effects every age of women. Push-up bras for six-year-olds should […]

The Value of Each of Us

I just read this awesome post on Dances with Fat and it reminded me of something that’s always bothered me: Susan Boyle’s slingshot ride to fame. Don’t mistake me, that woman deserves every bit of the respect she’s gotten and more and I am beyond happy for her. The thing that bugs me is that […]

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