The Shape of a Mother The Shape of a Mother The Shape of a Mother The Shape of a Mother The Shape of a Mother

Contest Winner!

And the winner is… Deborah! Comment number 20. I’m sending you an email now, please make sure you respond by midnight on Wednesday or I’ll pick another winner. Thanks, everyone, for participating!

It’s SOAM’s Birthday!

Five years ago today, SOAM was born. I’m celebrating by running a contest both here and there. This one’s easy – just leave a comment here and you are entered to win a copy of Fifty Nude Women, which is one of my favorite resources on this topic and I cannot recommend it highly enough. […]

Giveaway Results

Here is a list of the entrants, in the order in which they were received. 1. Cassie 2. L 3. Bryana 4. Elvira 5. Lolo 6. Terressa 7. Holly 8. Catharcy 9. Tracy De Luca 10. Kayla 11. Momma Bird 12. Ashley 13. Sara C 14. Michelle 15. Violet 16. Keri Walker 17. Laura Surber […]

Giveaway Extended!

So I was planning to sit down today and draw a winner, but then I was pulled away into two other projects (one related to SOAM, stay tuned for that!) and didn’t have time. (It doesn’t help that it’s about 600 degrees with a humidity level well below zero; I’m moving so slowly.) And tomorrow […]

A Giveaway to Celebrate TIAW’s Opening!

In celebration of the birth of this website, I’m having the first TIAW giveaway! I’m so excited to offer you a signed copy of Karen Walrond’s new book, The Beauty of Different. I’ve been working with Karen on BlogHer’s Own Your Beauty since autumn and I find her to be so inspiring and wise. Her […]

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