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Weekly Awesome 5.29

May 29, 2013

~TIAW on Tumblr and Pinterest.
~How to get a bikini body.
~Brenda Chapman, the writer who created Pixar’s Merida, weighs in on the Merida-makeover topic and begs up to not stop now.
~Making the female “power-paunch” happen.
~Beautiful photographs of women of all sizes.
~Who I want to be when I grow old.
~Elizabeth Smart on LDS teachings and how they related to her kidnapping. And, yes, the church has come forward to say that their teachings on rape and incest are different than their teachings on consensual sex outside of marriage, but Elizabeth Smart obviously didn’t get that memo. I have to wonder how many other girls aren’t understanding the distinction?
~ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT IS BACK! WOOHOO! Here’s a post about the female characters from a feminist perspective.
~Gender stereotyping isn’t cool. Didn’t we figure this out like 40 years ago already?

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Weekly Awesome 5.22

May 22, 2013

Sorry for going AWOL last week. There were a lot of reasons including: depression, depression about Mother’s Day, depression probably cause my by uterus, my son’s birthday, a trip to a theme park, stupid heat, a trip to said theme park DURING stupid heat, my daughter’s head cold, attempting to survive the week in general, and more. Funny how I get down on myself for not following through with my responsibilities, and then when I write it all out, I think maybe I should give myself a break. Huh.


What you may have missed last week but probably actually didn’t but I’m sharing here anyway because AWESOME. #1

The CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch came out of the closet as a douche bag. And then this guy made an effort to express his feelings on the matter, and then this girl did the same.

In stark contrast, check out H&M over there treating human beings like human beings. Go figure.

What you may have missed last week but probably actually didn’t but I’m sharing here anyway because AWESOME. #2

Angelina Jolie ditched her boobs to save her life. Interestingly (and this is the not-awesome part) the Interwebz seemed to think it was somehow their business.

In other news, there’s a lot of talk lately about sexism and rape culture in school dress codes. The rules are created so that girls aren’t “distracting”. Which really isn’t fair to boys who are never given the chance to be expected to not GET distracted. It’s rape culture to assume men are incapable of being anything but animalistic beasts without the power to think and reason. We all lose.

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Weekly Awesome 5.8

May 8, 2013

~TIAW on Pinterest and Tumblr.
~A review I wrote over at SOAM about the new documentary Birth Story which is about Ina May Gaskin and the midwives of the Farm.
~I shared this comic on Tumblr, but there’s more to the story over at Epbot.
~Dooce writes about Mental Health Awareness Month. I remember a time in my life where things were very hard for me, and I was entirely unsupported because my depression and crippling anxiety were not understood. Really, I’d have given anything to feel better. Mental illness isn’t, like, this fun thing we do because we’re lazy (that would be Netflix). Share this post so that maybe one more person can understand it.
~I want this on a t-shirt.
~My daughter has never been into dolls and I’m too old for the American Girls doll trend so I’m largely oblivious to them. But I did notice the books at the library the other day and something in the back of my mind was disappointed. For one thing, there seems to be a recent explosion of new girls’s stories, and I wondered where they fit into history, and how they could possibly be quality when there was so much quantity. Also, they seemed to be far pinker. In terms of covers. DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN, why must everything for girls be PINK? I read those books as a kid and LOVED THEM. And they were off-white. So THERE. Anyway. I digress. I guess I wasn’t alone in noticing this.

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