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On July 5, 2006 I started The Shape of a  News of the site spread like wildfire online and within a month of it’s conception, it was known internationally and it was being featured in various media outlets across the globe.  This was big.  Such a response indicated that this was something desperately needed by women in our society.  That we’d been imprisoned in our shame for too long and that seeing real images of other women was our key to freedom.  To know not only that our bodies fall somewhere on the wide spectrum of Normal, but that maybe, just maybe Normal is Beauty, was an empowering concept.

I’ve long since wanted to create a sister site to SOAM for all women.  A site that focuses on all the issues we have to face, whether or not we bear children.  A site that gives us the opportunity not only to work on everyday body- and self-love, but also to discuss heavier issues like mastectomies and how it effects body-love. And, of course, always showing the world what real bodies, in all their diversity, look like.

As I say on SOAM’s homepage: It is my dream, then, to create this website where women of all ages, shapes, sizes and nationalities can share images of their bodies so it will no longer be secret. So we can finally see what women really look like sans airbrushes and plastic surgery. I am asking for women to send in photos of bellies, bums, boobs or any other body part to be posted on this website. The pictures can be anything you like from a simple snapshot to something that looks professional. They can be as anonymous as you’d like, or you may choose to have your name and contact info posted with them. They must be tasteful, this is not about pornography.

I really hope that many many women will participate and that many more will benefit. Thank you!

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