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A Body-Positive Playlist

Music is so important. It can heal and inspire. It lifts up and brings joy. Body image and self-love are such a major issue these days that it seems to be a recurring theme in music. I thought it would be really powerful if we collaborated and came up with a list to recommend for […]

Love (Bonnie – TIAW)

I love my freckles. My long fingers. My hazel eyes. My low-maintenance hair. My strong legs. My arms which hug so well. The freckles on my arms. I love adorning my arms in bangles and my fingers in brightly colored rings. My nose piercing which makes me feel just that much fancier each day. Colors. […]

Glee – Born This Way

I’m behind on my Glee-watching and sat down on Sunday to catch up. I love this show more all the time. It’s got it’s hokey parts, and it’s unbelievable moments and it’s awkward bits, but the character development is getting better and better and better. They started out with these caricatures, and, rather like the […]

On the Sexualization of our Daughters and Ourselves

My friend Mina sent me this article just now and I found it so alarming and unsettling I wanted to share it right away. It’s about girls rather than women but I didn’t want to post it just at SOAM since it’s really something that effects every age of women. Push-up bras for six-year-olds should […]

The Value of Each of Us

I just read this awesome post on Dances with Fat and it reminded me of something that’s always bothered me: Susan Boyle’s slingshot ride to fame. Don’t mistake me, that woman deserves every bit of the respect she’s gotten and more and I am beyond happy for her. The thing that bugs me is that […]

A Welcome Message

Welcome to This is a Woman! I’ve long wanted to create this website and I’m so happy the time has finally arrived. I hope we can work together here to explore our body issues, where they come from and how we can heal them. I hope we can apply that work to deeper within us […]

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